The Terrace Brook across the street from the El Rio has rooms very close to the same price. Problem with both is no phones, and no meeting rooms. The Big Chief is the next in line price wise. The Best Western ahs 2 large meeting rooms with a big open area between them. The Driftwood has two rooms that are huge with dark closets that could work as a temp darkroom. The campground between Springdale and Rockville is on private land and closed last year. There is a space on the way out to Grafton but all you have is a place to park and dirt. There are three campgrounds, the National park one in side the park. The one you guys stayed at last year. And the one near Virgin about 15 miles from Springdale. The one in Virgin is more an RV park and will with vacancy allow tents and such. The rest of the places are expensive even in the off season. YOu have several B&B's and if you go to the east side there are several Dude Ranches that would have cheaper rates.

No Jim, the house is owned by a guy who has too much money and stays there maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Since I spend 3 to 4 days a week tramping through the area, I might be around when you get here. Zion is after all just a 20 minute drive away for me.