[quote="glbeas"]Well I can tell you infectious development don't do that, it makes the super high contrast that litho film has and also makes point sources get big on film etc. It doesn't make trails. My thought is you shot the scene then picked up the camera and toted it to another spot thinking the shutter was closed. It may have been set for a much longer time than you thought or it stuck open for a while.

If Clay says he did not move the camera then I am sure he did not move the camera. So move forward to other possibilities.

The development artifact described can most definitely result from stand or semi/stand devilment in extreme contrast conditions. I personally have seen it many times with semi-stand development in this type of lighting.
The most probable cause is bromide drag, but with this type of development it is possible that infectious development could well play a role as well.

The major point is I want to make, however, is that you don't have to move the camera to get this result.