Earlier this year, I sold several 150mm Germinar-W, 240mm Germinar-W and 300mm APO Germinar lenses here on APUG. The lenses seemed to be very well received and I am happy to say that well over half of all the lenses sold went to APUG subscribers. In fact, after all of the lenses were sold, I had several people contact me to see if more lenses were available.

I now have an opportunity to get more of these lenses, as well as a VERY, VERY limited number of longer (600mm, 750mm and 1000mm) APO Germinars. I can also get a few shutter mounted 210mm f4.5 Docter Optics Tessars as well.

Before I go to the trouble of having these lenses sent to me from their owner in Germany, I want to assess the interest from members of the APUG community. This is not an offer to sell any of these lenses at this time. Prices for the longer lenses have not yet been determined, but I expect them to be very attractive for new lenses of such long focal length and asociated big coverage. I suspect the prices for the 150mm Germinar-W, 240mm Germinar-W and 300mm APO Germinar will be about the same as they were perviously (see links above). At this point, all I am tying to do is determine if there is enough of a market for these lenses to go to the trouble and expense of having them shipped to me to re-package and distribute to members of the APUG community.

So, if you have any interest in buying any of these lenses:

150mm f9 Germinar-W
240mm f9 Germinar-W
300mm f9 APO Germinar Cell Sets
600mm f9 APO Germinar in Barrel
750mm f9 APO Germinar in Barrel
1000mm f12 APO Germinar in Barrel
210mm f4.5 Docter Tessar in Copal No. 3 Shutter

Please post here or send me a PM. Also, comments from previous purchasers of the 150mm Germinar-W, 240mm Germinar-W and 300mm APO Germinar lenses I sold here earlier this year are welcome. Keep in mind your responses are in no way a firm commitment to buy anything. No deposits will be taken and no pecking order asigned. If I do decide to proceed, I will place listings in the classifieds with all the details and pricing only after I have the lenses in my possession and they will be sold on a first-come-first-seved basis.

All these lenses are new, unused as they left the Docter Optics factory. It should be noted that the 150mm Germinar-W and 240mm Germinar-W lenses come in barrels, but the cells screw directly into standard Compur and Copal shutters. The 300mm APO Germinars come as factory-matched cell sets and they also are a direct fit in standard Copal/Compur No. 1 shutters. The 210mm Tessars come in Copal No. 3 shutters. The 600mm, 750mm and 1000mm APO Germinars come in very heavy barrel mounts, the cells are difficult to remove and mounting them in shutters would require both a very big shutter as well as much expensive custom machine work. They are best used in their original barrels with either a large behind the lens shutter (such as a Packard or Compur No. 5 Electric), a front mounted shutter (such as a LUC) or with a lens caps or felt hat for the long exposures typical when shooting ULF formats. Due to the weight, they require a camera with a sturdy front standard and they are not suitable for backpacking or carrying long distances from the vehicle (unlike the 150mm Germinar W, 240mm Germinar-W and 300mm APO Germinar, which are all small, light and perfect for backpacking/hiking).

So, if you're interested, let me know. I'll tally the response over the next week or so and make a decision.