I've become quite enamored of Keith Carter and Mark Tucker's selective focus images lately and have in mind a photo that this technique would work wonders on. After doing some searching on photo.net our very own Lex talks about using a throw-away lens gutted with a close-up adaptor on it. The final image is going to be a full-frame 6x6 and I will have a bronica body on loan from a friend when I'm ready to do this. I'm thinking of purchasing a close-up filter (any suggestions on power?), "ugly" condition lens from KEH for around $10 (there's both a 50mm f1.9 and a 75-150mm f/4.5), and a bronica body cap to carve out and duct tape the sucker to. Does anyone have any suggestions or hints about going about this?

This project is on the back-burner at the moment, but I could use any suggestions you have about this. If I gut the lens out, will that give me the max aperture of the lens (about)? If so, I could purchase both the 50 and the 75-150 and have 2 different apertures (of course requiring 2 body caps)? Finally, how much of the 6x6 frame will this thing fill? I've never done anything like this before and I'm just kind of throwing out ideas off-the-cuff. Any other ideas for an old 80mm beseler enlarging lens that isn't being used for anything at all? These are just some projects to get the creative juices flowing when I become too equipment and 'perfection' oriented. Instead of heading off to ebay after receiving an unexpected bonus at work I stocked up on a brick of film.