Just got back from having dinner with Dave Wooten In Springdale. The only resturants that are closed are the small ones that are more fast food (which in Springdale means faster than homecooked) type places. Also the Burp and Slurp ( Bit and Spur) is closed except for weekends and special holidays. I tremember that place as the greasy spoon diner/pool hall when I worked at the Lodge at Zion back in the 70's. Its come a long way since then to be a high toned resuturant. All the places to eat connected to the motels are open. If you are worried about costs go tot he Terrace Brook motel. They have the big family sized units that have two bedrooms, living room and kitchen set up. You could get 6 peoplein one unit and share the expenses and still have a kitchen to cook in. Just buy your food at either Lins or the Farmers market near Hurricane. The two stores in Springdale are extremely expensive and you will pay double if not triple for your food supplies. BIG HINT the Farmers market which is right at the intersection to take you up on the platuea going to Zion, has a special deal going on. Purchase $50 worth of food at the store or what ever they carry, and you get 15 cents a gallon off on your gasoline at their Sinclaire station at the end of the parking lot. Bring your film and other things you would need. Should you run out the closest place to purchase LF film is either Kanab or Las Vegas. Kanab which is less than an hours drive away to the East of the park carries Ilford.