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I'm interested in a 600mm Apo Germinar. Do you know its approximate weight and cost? I bought a 300mm Apo Germinar a few years ago that I use as a long lens on 4x5 and it's great. I've been using the 240 Germinar W that i got from you on 8x10 where it performs brilliantly. I'm hoping to use it on a 7x17 camera that Richard Ritter is curently building for me. As soon as I receive it I'll try the lens-I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will cover.

Richard Wasserman

According to Arne Corell's table the weight of the 600mm f9 APO Germinar is 2350g - over 5 lbs. As I said, not for backpacking or hiking any significant distance. The barrel mounts these lenses come in are very heavy and bulky. They can be remounted into shutters, which will actually reduce the weight in bulk in this case, but the work required (and associated cost) is significant. There are photos of 750mm APO Germinars on the S.K. Grimes web site that show this lens both in a barrel mount with a Packard shutter (a more cost effective approach) and re-mounted into an Ilex No. 5 shutter (a more elegant, but more costly approach).

The good news is the 600mm should cover 7x17 with some room left over for movements. No idea on the prices, yet.