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Kerry, just wondering how much would cost the total your Germinar 240mm (or 300mm APO) togather with purchasing a necessary Copal shutter (presumably new) and having it engraved accordingly ?
BTW, I guess 300mm non tele lens will unlikely to work on Shen-Hao 4x5 or similar folders (due to maximum bellows extention limitation). Am I wrong ?

The prices for the 240mm and 300mm will likely be very close to what they were previously (see the links in my original post for all the details). They might vary slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates, shipping costs and other fees, but they should be in the same ballpark.

As for the shutter and aperture scale costs, I'll leave that to the folks at SK Grimes. When I sold the previous lenses, several APUG members worked out a deal with SK Grimes for a "bulk purchase" of aperture scales. Again, the details are in the previous threads I linked in my original post. I believe the folks at SK Grimes have all the data for producing the proper aperture scales. So, you would not even have to ship them your lens(es). Just call them up and order a shutter and/or aperture scales.

Brad already answered your question on using a 300mm non-telephoto on the Shen-Hao. I tested a Shen-Hao back when Badger first started importing them. I was able to use it with a 300mm Nikkor M (a non-telephoto). I do recall I had to use a combination of base and axis tilts to get the desired extension, but the 300mm APO Germinar (like the 300mm Nikkor M) is very light for a lens of this focal length and should not put any excessive burden on the front standard of the She-Hao (or other similar wooden field cameras).