I've been using Agfa FX-Universal for film and paper. Its pH is about 7.5. Now that Agfa products are not available here (Australia) I will need to look at Kodak or Fuji C-41 fixers. Their pH tend to be a little on the acidic side, for example Kodak Flexicolor Fixer is pH=6.2 (stated in MSDS, so I suppose that is for the undiluted stock).

I found that FX-Universal was not quite as fast at fixing some films as normal acidic rapid fixer, but still quite ok. For paper I use 2-bath and have never tested for capacity or fixing time. I have probably over fixed at times, but no apparent problems. I don't risk allowing fixer to become near capacity. The low price made frequent replenishment/replacement not too expensive. Odour is minimal, but don't worry, your darkroom still ends up smelling like a darkroom!

I will probably try the Kodak product, but with the price of sodium thiosulphate in 25kg bags quite low, I just might make up something like Ole's fixer at about neutral pH. I would just use hypo, sodium sulphite and ammonium chloride.