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Kerry, regarding the shutters, I would have to acquire new shutter also, not only the scale. Also, I'll have SK Grimes to fix the scale on the shutter. So in my case, the total (lens + shutter and necessary work) may easily reach 600$...

I believe the $300 price for a new Copal No. 1 shutter from SK Grimes includes the engraved aperture scales (please call to confirm if you are interested). I also believe the last time I sold these a group of APUG buyers negotiated a bulk purchase discount on shutters/scales for the 240mm Germinar-W. I don't recall the details, but I think the discount was on the order of 5% or so. Perhaps someone who participated can confirm.

The 240mm and 300mm cells screw right into any standard No. 1 shutter. So, no additional work is necassary. In fact, as the folks at SK Grimes already have the necessary data, you wouldn't even need to send them the lenses. Just call them and tell them which lens you have and ask them to send you a new shutter with the proper scales. Even without any discount, you're looking at around $550 + shipping for the 240 and about $525 + shipping for the 300 - both with brand new Copal shutters and proper scales.