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Buy a used Jobo 2551 or bigger tank. Without too much luck should be around $30. Add a motorbase. Say a unicolor base. $10 -20. Then finally add at least one 2509n film reel. New the reel is close to $30. Best thing might be to look for a used reel and loader base. If you throw in a timer [Gralab 300 is great for this] then you've got a semi-automated system. All you need to do is add/drain the chemicals.
I agree - I don't use the motor base with PMK or developers that are cheap or replenishable. In many cases you need 1.25L of chemistry to fully develop 4 sheets or more and often you will get greater accutance by hand agitation and stand processing. I have done color in mine also - The Jobo with a motor base can easily do 6 sheets with less than 500ml of chemical with certain developers. - With the motor base be careful to flip the drum over frequently (15 to 30 sec) to avoid uneven development from the motion patterns of the developer on the film. Some developers may require an additive to do this. (EDTA) This is a great system - I won't even try any others because it has been so good - especially after all my failures with square tanks. - Frank