Hi , my enlarger arrived today (old meopta 5a but two good Nikon lensesfor 35mm and 66/645 work) and I am now looking at getting a decent, inexpensive 'real' MF to supplement my Lubitel (Fun but not the world's greatest lens). My shortlist is as follows;
-Mamiya 645J at about 150
-Bronica ETRSi NEW from Robert White at about 390
-As new SQA/SQB at about 400
-well used S2a at 160 (dealer has cut price without any prompting as body has a 'number of scratches')
Mamiya C330/C220 at around 200-250

All are dealer prices, with 80mm/75mm lens WLF and backs/inserts (I want to avoid e-bay for reasons I won't go into) and with warranties of 4 to 6 months.

I do like the 6 x 6 format but the price of the 645J and ETRSi are tempting.
Any comments, views, howls of derisive laughter etc. etc. much appreciated.

Cheers CJB