As others have said, you cannot go wrong with any of your choices.

My personal preference is for the 6x6 format so that I donít have to consider landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical) orientation while I am shooting. If you prefer the rectangular format, and if your enlarger can handle larger image sizes, you should also consider the 6x7, 6x8, and 6x9cm cameras.

My personal preference is also for the Mamiya TLR because I prefer to shoot with less noise that that produced by the SLR. I also prefer the C220 to the C330 is because I tend to place more trust in cameras with fewer moving parts and less automation (no automatic shutter cocking). My only reservation is that Mamiya has abandoned the sale and service of this great TLR camera system.

If you have not considered the Pentax 645, maybe you should add it to your list.