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My personal preference is for the 6x6 format so that I donít have to consider landscape or portrait,,,,and if your enlarger can handle larger image sizes, you should also consider the 6x7, 6x8, and 6x9cm cameras.
No my Enlarger only goes up to 6 x 6 , I decided an RB was not for me (just is, can't rationalise it )

My personal preference is also for the Mamiya TLR.... I also prefer the C220 to the C330 is because I tend to place more trust in cameras with fewer moving parts and less automation .......
Thanks, you echo a lot of my views. The only reason I am considering the ETRSi is that it's less likely to have worn film seals etc. I really like the look of 6 x 6 on the Lubitel and I don't fancy using a WLF in portrait mode. As for the Mamiya TLRs I like TLRs but I am thinking of using the Lubitel as my 'quiet' camera and for carrying on my bike. The S2A is tempting but I have read about the design flaw which puts the finder out of focus. Since I am looking for better quality than my SLR this seems to defeat the purpose of the purchase !