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About 2 years ago I began to discuss the idea of building some new, lighter weight cameras for ULF

The top loading holders work well and I have tested them using both a hinged frame to hold the film in place and a very versatile double sided adhesive. The top loading holders will provide a nice flexability with the use of inserts to shoot smaller formats with the same holders, thus eliminating the need for extra backs.

Allow me to complement you on your persistence and your unwillingness to bring a less than adequate product to market. Doing the r+d first, rather than selling "upgrades" at a later date is a refreshing sort of marketing plan in this day and age. I'm trying to visualize how your holder works. Phillips (in the past) sold 12x20 holders where the film was held in place by a frame that hinged at one end of the holder and was retained magnets. I have an aquaintence who owned some of these holders. He noted to me that the holders were easy to load in a darkroom but quite another matter to deal with in the field. Loading them in a Harrison (or similar) was very difficult as overhead clearance for the frame was problematic. Good luck.