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So is it a bit like calibrating film in your camera only taking it a step further and including developing time as well?
Also thank you for the response. We were taught a b&w course, but 6 weeks is just not enough time to learn all there is to know. I don't recall my first professor mentioning this at all, however I do now remember my second professor performing this test for us, however I guess since I didn't recall it until now I didn't pick up on it well enough (tues, night class 3hrs long seemed to last forever) He will be teaching it again so I will ask for a refresher. Thanks again.
Ah well.. this is the old "Give someone a fish, he will eat well tonight, show him how to catch his own fish and he will eat well forever" (or at least, until the E.U. Fisheries Commission dictate a total ban on fishing in his area)...

To translate ( ).... To understand something fully, you have to do it yourself. Watching someone else do it, or reading about it, only gives you a fraction of the story and you are certain to forget the details. After you see it done again, pick a different film and have a bash at it yourself - it's very enlightening.

Have fun! Bob.