Here in this little undeveloped contry (Denmark) the issue has been delt with in a strange matter..
On one hand we do have photographic museums - and other museums regulary exhibit photography..
One can even be "put on the law of Finances" - for some years or for life..... That means the state will pay you a yearly income in that time..

BUT we also have a ruling by the court that states that photography isnt't art....


because everybody here pays 25% VAT (moms). Except artists.. They don't pay VAT .

So even if one is payed by the goverment, one has to pay the 25% for all one sells..

I guess it is because they fear that all Danes with a camera would claim they are Artists to avoid the taxes...

But it is silly.

one problem related to this is, that ex the museum of Photography once had an exhibition of a Canadian photographer..
the Tax authorities calimed 25% of ALL pictures - up front.
in case they were sold.....
if not the museum would get the money back..

well - this is a huge problem for many, if they want to exhibit foreign artists, as not too many places have that kind of cash....