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Well, I just spent the last hour or so using data from Amazon dot com's "Customers who bought this book also bought..." listings to build a directed graph of books related to The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup. So, I guess, that makes me a programming/ statistics nerd.
Now there's a book I'm glad I don't have to read any more!

When I worked as a C++ programmer (about 10 years ago) I came to the conclusion that C++ was invented by Bjarne as a stunt to promote his book. Why else would it have so many boobytraps? Completley unfathomable rules about virtual/non-virtual contrutors/destructors. Practically every chapter of the book concludes with a paragraph "You would therefore think you could use the feature we've just discussed in this other very similar way. However it doesn't work, so I added an extra feature to the language to get round it".

Practically everyone in the company had a copy of that book within arms reach at all times. I came to the conclusion that Bjarne new NOTHING about object oriented programming, and an awefull lot about planning for his retirement...