John S, do you purchase your chemicals in Melbourne? I haven't needed to purchase any bulk chemicals for close to 12 years.

When the original owner of CanChem went out of business, I bought bucket loads of chemicals for extremely low prices. This turned out to be a very good thing, I've been developing hundreds of rolls of film each year, at a cost that would make you cry.

However all good things come to an end, I will be requiring some bulk chemicals in the next year to replenish some of the depleted stock. However, I cannot seem to find anywhere in the country to get bulk photographic chemicals.

I was told that VanBar's may be a possibility, but on a flying visit two weeks ago to get some RA4 paper, I didn't see any bulk chemicals.

As usual the shop is so busy one seems to wait forever until your turn comes up, then the assistant rushes your order through and is onto the next customer.

Heavens that shop must outsell all other analogue photo stores combined in Australia. The immediate customer before me, purchased a back pack of B&W paper along with chemicals, staggered out to his bike, then rode off to print the weekend away.