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Her educational background was in Art History. , at some point she asserted that Photography is not art. She said that it is not considered art because, in essence, there is no artist.
About her, yes ! :rolleyes: Did she ever try to take a decent photo ? I guess NO !
This statement is as old as photography is and came up immediately after the first photos were published in the 19th century. The painters and graphic artists in those days expected a competition and from the very first moment on they claimed photography not beeing art, using exactly the same argument as the lady used it now.

The argument has got neither more intelligent nor less arrogant since the early 19th century, but it is still pretty popular among those pseudo-academic art parvenues, who cannot keep a... from elbow but keep themselves as beiing competent because just they have had some lectures at the university.

Their natural environment is usally the "art business", where they sell nonsense to some other parvenues who keep everything they cannot understand as "art" and buy it because they were told it's worth will grow strongly soon.