Photography is Art. One only has to study Clement Greenberg, the Ultimate Sensai of Art Critics, to reach that conclusion.

I once had an interesting conversation about art with a particularly brittle gentle... - er, well ...
He kept insisting that HE knew what was "Art" and what wasn't. Every well respected artist I could think of, in limited gallery schmoozing time, was excluded: "Not art!!!"

That included: Renoir, Wyeth, Georgia O'Keeffe, Mary Cassat, Sargent, Rodin, Picasso ("Oh, no!! - nothing but a phony!) Alma-Tadema, Fragonard, Suerrat, Michelangelo, Anders Zorn, Rembrandt.... certainly NO photographers/ photographs! - many more... most of whom whose names I can't spell. All of their works were NOT art!

In frustration, I finally asked him, "So what - whose work - DO you consider to be art?"

After a fair amount of evasion, he came up with his pronouncement from his lofty mountain (or it must have seemed so, to him): Norman Rockwell!! He is an ARTIST! No one else - ever! Only Norman Rockwell!!"

That deserved my well-used stock gallery answer - I won't translate it into its true meaning here; "What an interesting observation.", and moved on to the table holding the Gallery Wine / Battery Acid - "Vin Du Exide."

I think Rockwell is a pretty good artist - brilliant Illustrator ... but "The Only one"???

What a truly interesting observation.