Quick Question: I acquired at a quite reasonable cost a 180 (pardon, 18cm) lens for the C220. I noticed the original pictures with it were seriously off, and upon inspection saw that someone had cleaned and reassembled the taking lens rear element upside down.

The question is, given this problem, and the possibility of other parts having been swapped, are the Taking and Viewing lenses the same on an 18cm f4.5 chrome lens? The look alike, weigh the same, and the elements appear identical when disassembled (i.e. use them as a magnifyer and check the edges, check the focus on a light at infinity, etc). The spacer was also a dual ring (figure 8 shape), designed to shim both lenses equally.
When I swapped the rear units before deciding to reverse element 4, I could get an image on the ground-glass which was identical to the off-pictures.


Btw, in follow up to an old post, the C220 w/ 65mm black + 18cm chrome weighes less than 1/2 a Stone. It remains the hiking camera.