Hey Matt,

I have been actively printing Ilfochorome - I have successfully used the new P3.5 kit and found it to be pretty much the same as the P30 kits. I suggest:

-Get onto the Cafe Ilfopro site and look through the Ilfochrome postings. Be sure to download the UPDATED mixing instructions for the P3.5 kit - the one that comes with the kit may be wrong!

-The new instructions don't mention doing a 30sec pre-wash with correct temperature (30deg celsius) water. I do it and it certainly doesn't hurt.

-Get your hands on a couple of different documents:
1) The old P30 kit instructions tell you how to recycle chemicals (reuse with a 50-50 mixure of fresh and used chemicals for each step). This also works well with the p3.5 kit even though it is not mentioned. Using this technique I get 20-24 8X10 prints per liter rather than the usual 13.
2) There is an out of print book called "The Complete Guide to Cibachrome Printing" ISBN 0-89586-176-3. It has some great information, even through it is named after the earlier (but pretty much the same) process called Cibachrome.
3) Ilford's Masking Guide used to be free for the asking at the Ilford site. See if you can still request one.

I have found it unfortunate that the new P3.5 kit instructions and the documentation I see around the Ilfochrome process is not as "Beginner Friendly" as in the past. I want to start pulling together some documents to post here (like the P 30 kit instructions) so we can get folks interested in the Ilfochrome process (and keep Ilford producing it!).

Let me know if you have other questions!