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"Her educational background was in Art History"

Thing about Art History is that you either study it because you have a passion for Art, or you study it because its an easy way of getting your parents (or the state) to pay for another 3 years of school without too much effort on your behalf. I think I can guess which of the two groups this person is in.

By her logic painting isn't art because chemists make the pigments and the brushes are mass produced in factories, Sculpture isn't art because the person just hits bits of rock with a hammer and chisel and... well... it's all just too silly for words. She needs to try putting her brain in to gear before engaging her mouth - but then, why change what I am certain is the habit of a lifetime?...

Point her at some of Gandolfi's images and see what she says then!

Cheers, Bob.
Actually, I am quite certain that she is well north of fifty years old and continues to pay for her education herself. Quite because it is simply her passion and she now has the means to endulge it. She is one of the most intelligent and interesting people I know.

Neither do I share your opinion of Gandolfi's work by the way....but I obviously, stand in the minority in that regard.