I have not seen that advertisement, but if it says exactly that and no more it is misleading. S&S holders are made to ANSI standards if such a standard exists for the format. There is an ANSI standard for 11X14 and 14X17, but not for any of the other ULF sizes. So we make 11X14 and 14X17 to ANSI standards, and all others to some other dimension, which may or may not be the same as Lotus and AWB.

If you go to the Canham web site you will find a link to ULF film holder specifications. All of our holders, with the exception of 7X17 and 12X20, are made to the Canham dimensions. In 7X17 and 12X20 we actually make two different sizes, one size in cherry that fits most older Korona cameras, and another size in walnut to the Canham dimensions. We may eventually change to the Canham dimensions for the cherry holders as well, but for the time being we plan to continue making both sizes.

Can you make your own film holders? Sure, but it requires a fairly high level of craftmanship and there are not only important design considerations but you will also have to locate sources for the material, i.e. aged wood of the right type, appropriate material for the septum and dark slides, and then there is the baffle.


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There are also standards for 14x17. Here is link to "known" standards.


It does say for a complete list of film holder specs pay the fee and subscribe. I never did that because I have gone by what others have said that no standards exist for banquet formats.

The advertisement in View Camera Mag for Quality Camera Company says that the S&S holders are built to ANSI standards and lists 10x12, 11x14, 7x17, 8x20, 14x17 and 12x20 sizes. So maybe standards exist or they are stretching the truth a wee bit.