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I want to try some Ilfochrome printing of some of my slides.

Anything I should know before I start - I have a Jobo drum for processing.

What I am wondering about is colour balance - presumably there is not much to do here?

Any hints and tips greatly appreciated

I see the chemicals kit is quite expensive - anyone know the best prices in the UK?

Thanks for any help,
Matt Saw this thread and had a look at my booklets. When I bought my darkroom kit secondhand I got two booklets entitled "Ilford Cibachrome-A. A Simple step by step guide to making high quality colour prints direct from slides" It is only a 7 page guide but as I have two, you are welcome to one, free of charge.

I also have the complete 56 page guide which covers the Process P-30. Unfortunately I have only one copy of this. It may be possible to obtain another copy elsewhere and one which covers the new chemicals described above.

If all else fails I could photocopy it at my local library. It charges 10p per page in B&W. Not sure about colour copies which would be better. However not cheap either way.

Anyway let me know if you want either the small booklet or a copy of the 56 page one which looks very comprehensive. I say looks because to date I have only done colour neg processing and printing not chromes.