Yes I did. Only 4x5 though. I preheated the tank with 105F water for a few minutes. I had the 500ml of fresh C-41 in a basin at 102F along with all the other chemistry. I then poured off the preheat water and added the developer. The tank only needs to stay at temp for 3 minutes and 15 seconds (longer for reused developer) I flipped the tank to rotate in the opposite direction every 15 seconds. And then when ready added the next preheaded chemistry. I estimate that if the air and rollers are at 70F - then the tank and chemistry will go from 102 to 98 in 3 1/2 minutes on the rollers. The developer is the most critical for temp - evan still - all my chems remain within a few degrees during the process and I had no trouble. I had good success with this method.