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I'm interested in the comments about storing RA-4 paper at room temperature. I've just started with RA-4 printing, and the box I've got (Fuji type P III), as well as everything I've read in books, says the paper must be refrigerated. Is this "must" overblown, or are there paper-to-paper differences and I just happened to get one that requires refrigeration? It'd be a bit more convenient if I didn't have to refrigerate the stuff I expect to use within a few months, but I'll refrigerate it if it'll provide consistency benefits.

I know nothing about room temperature storage of Fuji papers.

I know that each generation of Kodak color paper has had the goal of improving raw stock keeping and I had the chance to test it by leaving several boxes on the shelf for a year. They survived with no change.

AAMOF, the Supra II and Supra III survived, but with a red speed loss. Within a year, the prints required about 20 red more filtration to fix the problem. There was no other significant problem.

Ektacolor Plus, 30, and 37 all had the same red speed loss, but even more so.