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How are you going to check whether these professionals have the experience and usage? There's already several qualifications covering photography, why another one? and finally, how would it be "very useful" to have this?
Experience and usage could be ascertained with the same method used by the like of the BIPP and MPA - based on submission of comissioned professional work.

It would be very useful becuase many professionals using film feel alienated these days and many have switched to digital because they think they should and be seen to be "modern".

An association specific to film based photography would add weight and help professionals justify their use of traditional technlogy. It would give more relevance of this type of capture to the layman.

When I read stuff in wedding and bridal magazines like: "All decent photographers should have now invested in the latest digital gear" - note the words "should have" - the layman thinks digital is best and film irrelevant - I know that such an association is absolutely necessary if the use of film professionally is to remain for the forseeable future.