The Flexbody was introduced to allow tilt and shift movement using Hasselblad lenses and magazines. Although Zeiss lenses cover a greater area than 6x6 cm the amount of shift is limited, especially at wide apertures. Tilting the lens is not a problem as the film stays within the coverage angle of the lens. The limitations of movement of the Flexbody were overcome by the introduction of the Arcbody with its new range of Rodenstock lenses. These lenses, a 35mm Apo-Grandagon f4.5, a 45mm Apo-Grandagon f4.5 and a 75mm Grandagon-N f4.5 have a much greater coverage allowing much more movement. The Arcbody will not accept conventional Hasselblad lenses (how funny that can be?), but will take the standard Magazine (fantastic). The decision of which camera to use depends on what type of photography you`re going to do. For landscape or product photography, the Flexbody is probably the one to choose, especially for a photographer who is already a Hasselblad user. For Architectural photography, however, the extra coverage of the Rodenstock lenses is extremely useful for sure.