Sorry, we are not doing any business with Kodak. It's NO FUTURE for us. Rollei just tested the R3 with Xtol 1+2 last year, which was quite good.

We will do further tests with Tanol (Moersch), which is PMK,Pyro compatible. Further the AM50 from Amaloco and some SPUR developers. AM74 is finished, it's R.H.S. 100% compatible. Same like the R.L.S. which is CG512 100% compatible. Depending what O&A is going to do with the just new bought Agfa chemical division, we will switch to Fomadon R09 (para-amino phenol based) in our program. We are going to repack in a "made in Holland" plastic silar bottle, if necessary.

Best regards and enjoy the Rollei films.


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Just out of curiosity, did you happen to try the Pan 25 in XTOL? That's what I use most.