[quote="H. G. Hart"]
I guess the real question is what have your experiences with either or both of these products been? What would your reccomendation be? I don't have much space to use for the BTZS and trays, but I think I could do it. What do you all think?

I think it depends entirely on how mucb film you plan to process. If you plan to process 15-20 sheets of film every night the Jobo makes sense, but if you only plan to process 5-6 sheets every two or three times a week the BTZS type tubes would be practical. You can get excellent results with either Jobo or BTZS type tubes (which are easy enough to make, BTW). I use tubes because, 1) the Jobo would take up too much room in my work room, 2) I rarely ever develop more than 15-20 sheets of film per week, and 3) I like the option of being able to develop each sheet for a different time. I have thought about this a lot and I am sure that the tubes fit my style better than Jobo. In fact, if someone offered to give me for free the very latest model Jobo, with whistles and bells, I would just have to turn it down.