An update on the agitation issues with Jobo & Pyrocat HD:

HP5+ in Pyrocat HD 1+1+100 in the Jobo double reel tank with 306 mls of solution showed slight signs (to the same degree) of "sprocket hole" agitation artifacts at both the slowest (28 rpm) and "normal" 75 rpm setting. Upon reviewing all the rolls I tested in Pyrocat HD all showed the agitation marks. Tri-X (new) was by far the worst, the others all to a similar, lesser degree (Acros, Neopan 400, Delta 400, HP5+ and APX 400)

I too have had NO problems with agitation artifacts on my 35mm film with other developers at the normal 75 rpm speed. I've used Xtol (from 1+1 to 1+3, my normal), Rollo Pyro, Microphen and Perceptol. No presoak except with the Rollo Pyro (and of course the Pyrocat HD I've just tested).

I don't get it. When time allows I will test said films in Pyrocat HD with intermittent agitation in my St.St. tank and reel set.

Dave (..??)