Architecture school huh..

I spent 4 years at one of those before dropping out and doing a couple of semesters in engineering (mechanical and electrical) - I wanted to be the art-wank engineer about town making robotic painting machines and art-code computer programs that did nothing tangible but make your CPU heat up, anyways, all good fun until I ended up in hospital for 12 weeks (my head was on backwards one day and my gall-bladder had something to say about it, oh yeh then i got a mystery illness 'not unlike malaria') ...

It was a bit of a wake up call - I thought I'm not learning anything here that I couldn't learn from the internet and a good amount of text books and possibly sneaking into the very large undergrad lectures only every now and again (i studied in bed) - so i dropped out...

there is still some part of me that wants to complete a tertiary level qualification tho - here in NZ we are very low on science and technology secondary teachers so the government is giving full study grants and subsequent payments (over and above the fee's) for anyone doing a post grad dip in teaching... Not that I'm in it just for the money, as I love the passing on and sharing of information and ideas to whomever (very APUG) it just that I didn't want to teach science or computers

I recently found out that included in 'technology' umbrella is photography -


I thought I had my next few years sorted out (start working in the motion picture industry art dept with a final goal to be a production designer)

Life seems to never let up on the decisions

have you thought about high-school level teaching ? do you need a Masters to do that in the states ?