There's a few thoughts running thru' my head here, so I'd like some reaction to them. I'd rather hear general ideas and thoughts rather than changes to the design measurements, as I've not gone further with this than just the thoughts of how and why it should work and the measurements shown here are just to ease my thinking (which is very difficult for me most of the time ).

1) Assume that I have a lens that will cover my negative without movements and that I know the focal length of this lens.

2) Assume that I am ONLY going to shoot panoramic landscapes, so no movements other than slight tripod head tilting will ever be done.

3) Assume that I am NOT considering portability to be an issue. Size and weight will NOT matter.

Ok, with that settled, here's my thinking;

Any time I take a "normal" (no radical movements) picture from a "normal" (not right close up) distance, my lens usually appears (I've not measured it) to be set close to it's focal length from the film. If this is the case, then if I am only using one lens, the need for a travelling lens stage pretty much goes away and all that's required is a small amount of fine focussing movement? This means that a basic landscape camera can pretty much be a box as long as the box is the right length for the lens.

Sooo ... if I wanted to take pnoramic landscapes on a 10" x 24" negative, all I would need is a 10"x24" film holder, a ground glass holder, a lens that will cover 10"x24" (26" circle) and a light-tight box of suitable length for the lens ????

Am I nuts ?? (don't answer that )