Today I made a lensboard for my Speed Graphic, allowing my Industar-11M to be installed there. It was late, so for a test subject I used the view from my lab's window. In two minute exposure at f/11 the result was just outstanding - crisp, contrasty sharp image, without any problems. I think I can see there any piece of sand in the building on the other side of street (maybe that's just grain, oops ). And in the streetlights I can see the bulb and the luminaire separately, without any oreoles. So, being basically an APO reproduction lens, made by Tessar scheme, Industar-11M exhibits an excellent correction at infinity even with a relatively wide apertures. Another test shoot, made at maximum bellows draw, was excellent, too - but the bokeh of this lens is a bit unusual for Tessar, on my opinion. I can highly recommend this lens - it gives a very good picture, is a very lightweight for its focal length, allows to modify bokeh by inserting different-shaped waterhouse stops (feature for different halftoning screens, actually), and it's very very cheap - I got mine for $10 here.

PS. A nice thing: on a well-lighted spot on my night picture two dogs were playing. Where they sat for long enough, they've left some dog-shaped shadows, they look quite funny

Cheers from Moscow,