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I have been a part of the organization "Qualification" programs in the past......
I agree with you Charles. The first problem is just defining what "Analog" is - it can become quite an esoteric point.

For example, I shoot mostly Fuji Velvia and print on Fuji Crystal Archive, but I print using a Chromira. Is this Analog or Digital, and where are the bountries between the two? My prints are all hand mounted on archival mounting board, using wood frames and UV glass - all materials associated with having the best quality I can get. I am committed to doing as much as possible using traditional materials, but I just don't feel that I can justify the expense of setting up a color darkroom here in Hawaii - unless I want to spend at least half my monthly income just in rent (frankly I find color printing to be drudge work). My other option is to send my prints out, but given the number of images I have on hand, the multiple sizes I sell and the volume I keep on hand, that would mean I have would have dozens of transparencies out at any given time - too much to manage successfully (and I wouldn't want to lose one).