A *wonderful* incentive to get me stared on a "professional level" rant ... make that RANT!!! about critics - especially "newspaper reviewer" critics.

Calming down, breathing deeply, and chanting softly....

A number of years ago, we had a "First Water Level" photographer here in Ipswich, named Starr Ockenga. She **shocked** (boy, did she!!) this Puritan town by publishing a book of images of the local Brahmins, and other well-known Townspeople, and their children, some - probably a majority of which- were nudes.
*Wonderful* work.

The local library has a copy of that book in their "restricted" files - one has to get a key and descend into the understructure of the Library to see the book.

Right next to that book was the next one that Okenga had published - an equally *fine* collection of her photography, but with a different theme. These were images of structures on Cape Cod (and possibly that "other cape" - Cape Ann) - bridges, houses, porches - no human beings - or anything else live - anywhere.

In that book there was a press clipping, Boston Globe - from a critic; "This is an extension of Ockenga's nude work - there are *no* human beings in any of these images - so these structures are nude." (I kid you not - that is what it said).

Gee - a nude bridge. I wonder - if that bridge was wide open, and was built less than eighteen years ago ... would that be considered as a "Pornographic Bridge Nude"?