Interesting points evenyone - this whole thing was just a spur of the moment thought I had.

Mark - Yes I suppose I was targeting wedding photography

Personally, I got married back in July. I did not handle the search for a photographer, but simply specified the day needed to be captured on film, not digitally. I have to say the "digital revolution" has meant loads of wedding photographers coming into the market who have literally just gone out and bought the latest digital equipment (often substandard, I can only think of a handful of digital bodies capable of half decent professional photography) and software. One person even had the naivety to say "these days with digital equipment you dont really have to think" why do we need to hire you then? The phtographs were, apparently, unbeliveably bad.

Next summer I am expecting to photograph several weddings, and I don't specify whether whether I shoot digitally or on film, although it is exclusively film, I let my portfolio speak for itself. I just thought some sort of association might be useful, but mabey not.

roteague - we spent our honeymoon on Kauai, an amazing place. Not many people get there from the UK due to the distance, but it was worth the 16 hours of flight!