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Hmm, that's a pretty subjective statement. The FM2 I have has an an LCD light indicator that reads +/0/- giving you a direct indication of the exposure. Using a flash like the sunpak gives TTL flash. I think what you are forgetting is that the settings (shutter speed and f-stop) on the FM2 are completely manual. Nothing is automatic except the flash brightness when it is used. But, your mileage may vary.
Not subjective at all. The LCD used for the readout is truly awful. It's low-contrast with no backlight. The Match Needle metering is notably superior for low-light visibility. Match LED is even better (The more accurate readout, with superb low-light visibility).

The problem with the LCD metering is not in the concept, but the poor execution. A backlit LCD or numerical LED readout would be far superior. Note that LED arrays are used in modern SLR's for this reason.

And your Sunpack does not give TTL flash with the FM2, as the FM2 is not capable of TTL flash exposure. The extra contact on the shoe merely allows Nikon Dedicated flashes to communicate their ready state to the ready LED in the viewfinder.

And to everybody else: Don't forget the FM3a. It's the best of the FM and FE cameras.