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Do It Matt!! If you want to meet and discuss over a beer we can do that, but my answer is still the same - Do It!! Now the next question is a bit harder, what do you want to teach? Art/Photography/etc? and at what level...reason for asking, is the art programs at many public secondary schools have been cut back or are gone. At the college level it is a different thing all together, and I can really see you teaching at that level.
This is an interesting point... I don't know what age level you are most likely to jive with but if you want to teach, may I offer some really 'out-there', unsolicited thoughts?

With the art programs being cut from our public schools, many parents (including myself) would be thrilled to include our children in some sort of paid program (kind of like music lessons, karate or gymnastics but for art). If you jive with school age children, pre-teens, and/or adolescents you might be able to achieve your goal of teaching via your own business platform.

Again, I realize my thoughts were unsolicited but PhotoMC made me think of it so I thought I'd take a chance and share. Regardless of what path you follow, I wish you nothing but success!