Thanks for the response Jim:

I have run some rough preliminary numbers. In order to make holders efficiently, I would have to make them in lots of 100 or more. I have no plans to make any holders to fit a specific camera at all. I think I will probably have to buy holders from S&S and AWB to measure them. The problem is that when you try to reverse engineer something like that, you end up not knowing precisely what the guy who made it had in mind. Maybe it would be best to simply bite the bullet and buy holders. The investment in engineering and materials is large. I am just not sure yet. My plate is pretty full considering I am working at a real job at least 12 hours a day 5 days a week.

Barry Young

As far as older cameras, your best bet would be have the owner either send you a film holder they use or the camera to ensure a proper fit. other wise you might spend a lot of time replacing ill fitting holders.[/QUOTE]