First post....trying to jump in with both feet!

I have a Polaroid ProPack camera (newer, plastic body one) that Id like to modify...if possible. My thoughts are to invert the outer lens to create a really wide angle look for the image.

When I attempted this, the inner lens did not allow me to re-attach the outer lens due to the convex of the outer lens touching the inner lens.

So, can I remove the inner lens and still be able to "get an image"? Im assuming the inner lens reduces the image coming into the camera to the appropriate size for the film, kind of narrowing the field of view (am I right?).

Im looking for a different look than what I would usually get from this camera so the image "fitting" on the film is not a grave concern...Im looking for a really wide look.

Am I in the ballpark as far as trying to get the look Im going after?


Chris M
North Carolina