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Personally, the mount and frame should be as unobtrusive as possbile. They should be neither complimentary, nor should they degrade from the image. They should be invisible - they're there to hold the image so one can look at it.

The last compliment I want when someone is looking at one of my photographs is "Great Frame", or "Nice Mat". If you get that, you've done something wrong.

I want people to look at the *image*, not the frame or the mount.

Just my $0.02 worth....
Perfectly said. The image needs to stand on it's own without any other helps from fancy frames and wordy paragraphs.

That rule like any can occasionaly be broken. I went through a stage with color work where I was combing the mining camp trash piles for "found" frames of rust and sometimes colored enamel objects. In some of those cases as in the example Gandolfi provides the frame is truly an extension of the artists hand as much as the image. The entire piece becomes a sculpture. I have room for that in my thinking. But for the other 1000 to that 1, the frame should be invisible. Especially with black and white. I've been scolded recently for using black foam core / black mat.