I think I already have her convinced that she should go. I approached it with the idea of going on a 'date'. Ironically she accepted.

Then when I told her we'd be getting a personal guided tour by the curator of the exhibit she got very excited. THEN when I told her that there *JUST MIGHT* be a few other people there, I saw that look in her eyes that she realized she'd just been suckered a bit.

She's still excited to go though, and I'm sure she'd be glad to know she's not the only spouse.

Speaking of printing Cyanotypes tonight, anyone else local that wants to come over and have some pizza around dinner-ish time is welcome to come over.

Call first for directions: 254-6648

Oh, bring your own trays if you have them. The only trays I have out and cleaned up right now are 11x14 (2 of them) and 16x20 (2 of them also), for printing VDB's. I think I remember cyanotypes wanted to have their own trays.