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Me too. You're not going to buy a new Leica, you've got one. I've got one, a screwmount. If I wanted an M, I'd buy used; I'm not buying a new M7 or MP.

I've said it before on P-net: I'm the kind of amateur photog committed to using film, with a decent income, to whom Leica should be marketing something. They make nothing I want that I can afford. Cosina understands. If I was going to buy something new, it would be one of Cosina's products. Thus endeth Leica?
No new purchases for me, but a used R8 is looking good about now, as my R bodies are approaching 30 years and the R8 used is relatively inexpensive. All the Leica gear I bought new was on dealer special, at 50% of list and 80% of dealer cost.

I have purchased several new M bodies recently, but all from Cosina. Leica should have not let that patent expire, but it helps me that they did. I can now afford to have several types of film loaded and ready to go, and a new Bessa T body is cheaper than an MF film back.

This whole question is a conundrum. The cost of producing at Leica's standard of quality is prohibitive, and if they produce a cheaper camera, the presumption is that their traditional customers won't buy. However, they should look at the fact that the CL sold 60K+ copies while the simultaneous M5 didn't move at all. (Still, I'd love to have an M5.) But Cosina now owns that end of the market.