No, not just two professors in six weeks its sixteen(sorry about the six rather large mistake ) weeks. The beginning photography is b&w and all photography contracts are required to take it. We only have one professor here as it is a small school in Alabama. But I also believe its one of the only schools here that offer a BFA in Photography other than montevallo. After that we take studio two which is a colorslide course, but we don't do any of our own processing or print making for that, so I am currently trying to learn how to do that on my own. After studio two I realized that it would improve my color work if I improved my b&w. The single professor we have feels that having only one professor leads to poor teaching, so he gets all these other photographers to teach classes under his name, so they aren't actually employed by the university. It was one of those photographers that I took a finite black and white course under which focused more on printmaking that the actual exposure of the film. I atted troy University. I think they just put up a design/art website if you care to see it. The photography examples are rather poor since they just threw what they had on there.

It's really not a bad school and one of the few here in alabama that still require you to start in the dark room. I know the professor in Auburn got rid of all the darkroom equipment and they all do digital now. I recently was in their gallery and so many of the photographs were just a poor picture with bad composition that had been highly photo manipulated, so that it would appear faintly interesting.

Sorry about the mistake with 6 instead of 16 next time I'll be sure to read over what I type (; I just don't feel that's enough time. I'm in my third year at the university and still I hesitate to call myself a photographer I am never satisfied with my work and the more I see it the less I like it. I feel that I know little to nothing about my chosen field andI want to know everything. Sometimes I get irritated with the classes and the fact that they must reiterate the same things in regards to fstop, shutterspeed, ISO, and proper exposure just because so many students are so lazy and dont' want to learn and instead shoot on automatic. I've purchased several books (some of which were suggested from apug), but without the equipment to try different techiniques I dont' really know them, I just know of them.

But now that I've gone on a really long tangent and talked forever. It's two professor in two different sixteen week sessions.