A question about Pyrocat, stain and washing : what are approx. your b+f levels ? Reading the blue channel on my densitometer with 13x18 FP4+ processed in an Expert drum Jobo and a CPA2, lowest rotation speed, I read 0.10 for a N development, and about 0.15 for a N+1. These are my first trials with Jobo, FP4 and Pyrocat, in trays b+f was of course lower, 0.08 with 13x18 and 0.06 with 4x5" for N time. But I suspect that a great part of this b+f in Jobo comes from the washing time, and that it is possible to reduce this level with a shorter process. What washing process, what time would you suggest for an efficient wash when using a Jobo processor with Pyrocat ?