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I'd love a Leica, but their out of my price range. The new Zeiss Ikon looks like a better deal for what looks to me to be about the same quality and Zeiss optics are first class. If Zeiss can do it for half as much, why not Leica?
Magic, I agree that Zeiss Ikon is the way to go. I've seen far too many complaints about R2/3A rangefinders misaligned out of the box. I purchased a ZI new for under $1400 instead of the silly money that Leica wants for an M7. The ZI came with something that you don't find any more - a certificate signed by the "quality inspector" who inspected & tested the camera before it was packaged. I'll let others put their faith in build quality as judged by weight, "how it feels in the hand," & film advance "smoothness." Zeiss has the most rigorous testing & QC procedures in the industry. For an amateur like me, their build quality is all I need.