I have settled into LF 4x5 and 8x10 comfortably, but now find myself in a 35mm vs MF quandary once again.

I have owned quite a few 35mm and MF cameras including a Mamiya 7, Pentax 67 II, Kowa 66, Fuji 690 etc and others.

I am interested in shooting at or around the 30-40mm equiv lens length mostly with B+W efke 25 or a technical film like Copex.

I have several options and I now have a 2x3 crown graphic with a 6x9 roll film back that I like a lot and plan to keep

I have several options that I am interested in.
Also considering mostly enlargement size and ignoring grain for now.
This is figuring a film like copex resolves 100-125lp/mm in average contrast.
Also all this would be considering perfect shooting conditions on a tripod. etc.

1. I could add a 75-80mm LF lens (like a nikon) in the 50 lp/mm range to my 2x3 graphic and shoot 6x9. Its bulky, very manual and slow. Heaviest of the bunch, but I have movements and I can shoot this lens on my 4x5 camera too. I figure a max enlargement would be 10-12X to roughly 20x30.

2. I could go for a Fuji GA645ZI and have a zippy auto camera with a step zoom lens etc, although the lens is a tad slow.

3. I could also go for a Fuji GA645I with a 60mm fixed lens. sort of like the ZI above but a fixed lens.

Both 2 and 3 above, I would guess have lenses around 80 lp/mm so I would think a 14X enlargement would be in order or to roughly a 20x30.

4. I could also go for a Leica M with a 35mm F2 lens or a Minolta CL with a 40mm lens. The sharpest lenses of the bunch, but interchangeable. Also the most expensive system. Considering Leica lenses resolve around 100 lp/mm, that would work out to a system rez of about 75 lp/mm. I could do a 18x enlargement or roughly a 18x24 print.

My questions are, shooting a technical film like copex, These print sizes are looking very similar per my calcs. Of course there are format advantages, the leica is the lightest, 6x9 the biggest negative etc, but after noodling through this, I just cant see much benefit in shooting a 50lp/mm 6x9 over a super sharp 35mm Leica except that for scanning I could scan the 6x9 lower.

BTW I do have a drum scanner.

Also shooting copex or Efke, everything will be shot on a tripod.

I do think that with 400 film, 6x9 would be better due to grain.

Does any of this make any sense ???

How big are you leica guys enlarging and still holding a lot of print detail ???

How does the Minolta CL and 40mm lens compare to a M and a 35mm F2 for sharpness and contrast.