I'm not aLeica expert by no means but i'v been using a 111a and a 111f for a number of years and I would not use anything else in 35mm the cameras are small enough to put in your pocket there silent and the lenses are wonderful.There more then just sharp, they have a quality that is hard to explain. I'm going to say 3 dimentional. I use tri-x dev. in hc-110 and most of my prints are on 11x14 with no problem with detail. I almost forgot to mention the lenes I use,a50mm summitar f2 not the sharpest 50mm lens Leica makes but sharp enough for me.A 21mm super-angulon f4 and a 90mm elmar. the 21mm is very sharp and the 90 is ok, but as I said before there is somthing else going on with these lenes. Hope this helps.